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Nano Matrix Co.Ltd. is manufacturing the Nanofibers production machine that high-performance sound absorption and heat insulation. Nanofibers are searching and studying these years as Dreamy material. But, there are health problems that manufacturing processing, and it was difficult to mass-production due to its cost bigger expensive. Our new technology develops succeeded to resolve these problems. Easy to use by end-users, and we are sure to contribute various fields that of Nanofibers will generate revolutionary products.
Generates the Innovation
Japan Technology
Finish with a roll
原料 熱可塑性樹脂

Raw material: Thermoplastic resin


Spraying Nanofibers

ナノファイバー製造機 SN-100

Nanofiber production machine SN-100


Finishing roll that sanded nanofibers with a base material such as nonwoven fabric

3,000x Zoom of Our Nano-fibers

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    Nano Fiber Microscope x100 Zoom

100x Zoom of Our Nano-fibers

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    Nano Fiber Sheet

Nanofiber has various usage potentials due to characteristics such as “Super high specific surface area effect” (100x – 10,000x size of a hair), “Nano-size effect” (1/10 – 1/1,000 diameter of microfibers) and “Supramolecular array effect” (excellent electric/dynamic/thermal properties).

Features of our new technologized Nanofiber:

  • High-performance of Sound absorption
  • High-performance of Heat insulation
  • High-performance of Filtering
  • Water resistant, Catches oil
  • Melts without flickering
  • Thin, Light, Warm

Examples of the Nanofibers Usage

Achieves equivalent heat insulation effect with half thickness of microfiber, expanding application areas

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The Main Flow
  • Inquiry

    Please inquiry from the contact form first.

  • Meeting

    Our salesman replies to you, and we will meet.

  • Contract & Planning

    We’ll make a contract, and our technicians go & research the place that machine will deliver.

  • Design & Develop

    We will design & develop the machine for your conditions.

  • Electrical construction

    It needs the electrical work to the distribution board by the owner of the delivery place.

  • Installation

    Delivery and Installation.

    We will support by *IoT cloud service after installation. (*Only in Japan)

Contact form

Nano Matrix Co.Ltd.

  • Company Name : Nano Matrix Co.Ltd.
  • Japanese Name : ナノマトリックス株式会社
  • Establishment : 2015
  • Representative : Masashi Hori
  • Related Company : FPS Inc.


2-16-5 Edagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo,

Japan. Post code: 135-0051




Our History
  • 2012 Developed nanofiber sound absorption and heat insulation material

    FPS Inc., the company developing and manufacturing flat panel speakers, developed nanofiber sound absorption and heat insulation material.

  • 2013 Started joint research with Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture

    FPS started joint research with Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture about physical characteristics and production technology of nanofiber materials, and about the development of thin and lightweight sound absorption and heat insulation material for EV.

  • 2013 Developed nanofiber filter with antibacterial and deodorant functions

    FPS developed Titan-evaporated photocatalyst nanofiber filter, subsidized by METI.

  • 2014 Started joint research with NARO and Kyoto Institute of Technology

    FPS started joint research with NARO and Kyoto Institute of Technology about R&D of nano-fiber heat insulation material for greenhouses and materials for improving durability and weatherproof properties.

  • 2015 Was adopted for a national project, in charge of developing nanofiber production machine

    FPS was adopted for an FY2015 agricultural technology R&D project subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (Consortium by NARO, Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg.Co.,Ltd.and FPS Inc.).

  • 2015 Launched Nano Matrix Co.Ltd.

    FPS separated its nanofiber business and launched Nano Matrix Co.Ltd.

  • 2016 Nanofiber production machine

    Developed nanofiber production machine enhanced production ability.

  • 2017 Delivery started nanofiber production machines to the clients

  1. R&D, manufacturing, sales, export, maintenance, lease and rental of nano-fiber material production machines and related goods and parts
  2. R&D, manufacturing, sales, export of new materials for various usages utilizing nano-materials
  3. Research, consulting and outsourcing about (1) and (2)
  4. Sales of technologies and know-hows, investments, consulting and outsourcing related with (1), (2) and (3), and all related tasks
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